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I’m so glad you’re here! My favorite part of what I do is bringing you one step closer to achieving your biggest goals. Each client is unique and I treat them as such — no cookie cutter processes here! One of the most valuable things I can offer my clients is education.

I believe that when we’re done, you should feel comfortable with your brand and confident that you can take it to the next step. Are you ready to get started? Feel free to fill out the form below and I will get back to you within 48 hours.

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any questions? this might help!

What platform do you design websites for?

I primarily work in Squarespace. It's my favorite platform — I found that my web design clients are more comfortable maintaining their website on Squarespace than any other platform and it's very affordable! We can discuss your needs and depending on what they are, I might be able to work on a different platform.

How long is each process?

That depends! For branding projects, I like to give us 3 full weeks from start to finish, 4 weeks for website projects, and 6 weeks for branding and website projects. To start each project, I need client homework to be done, and that may impact the timeline. I allow revisions with each project to ensure you're happy — if the feedback isn't back to me on time, this may delay the process as well.

Do you design e-commerce sites?

Yes! Depending on the complexity of the website, this may take a bit longer than the suggested timeline. Once we go over your content, I can provide an updated timeline.

What do you need from me to get started?

The million dollar question :) your participation is crucial during this process... as it should be! It also has the power of delaying our timeline, so it's very important that each client understands their responsibilities and provide items in a timely manner.

For website design clients — you are responsible for providing all content (text, images, product descriptions, etc.) and for purchasing the domain. If you're looking to have a custom professional email, that is also your responsibility and I am more than willing to help!

For branding clients — you are responsible for filling out the creative brief that I will send at the beginning of the project and for completing the inspiration exercise. All of this will be explained in your welcome webpage.

Do you offer copyediting?

I do! I have a lot of experience in copyediting and it's something I really enjoy doing! I found that clients who have included it in their package leave me feeling more confident about their work. If you're on the fence, let's chat and figure out if it's a service you need.

How does payment work?

To secure a spot in my calendar and begin the project, I require a 40% deposit. Once the project is completed, the remaining 60% is due before the website or files are turned over. I understand this is a big investment and if needed, we can work out a payment plan. Just ask!

Keep in mind that font licenses are not included, but I will discuss options with you before purchasing anything. Although there are plenty of free options out there, paid fonts are truly the better option and most are purchased from Creative Market for less than $30.