Product review: Smart Beat Baby Monitor

*This post features a gift from Smart Beat Infant Monitor

If you’re anything like me, before buying or trying anything you go straight to the reviews to see if it’s worth it. I mean, I won’t even eat a meal somewhere before my fellow Yelpers confirm that it’s delicious. Ever since I had Micah, I noticed how much time I spend either reading about baby products or talking to other moms about what worked and didn’t work for them. Not only does this save money [babies are very expensive], but it cultivates peace of mind.

Although I had a great delivery, Micah did have a couple of complications afterwards. Thank God they were common with newborns, but it still landed him in the NICU and we were in the hospital for an extra day. One bit of advice — don’t ignore your maternal instincts. The second they gave him to me once we were in the postpartum room, I knew something was wrong. My nurse told me he was fine, but I knew I needed a pediatrician to look at him. She took him to see one and he never came back to that room.

Turns out, his breathing was too rapid due to liquid in his lungs and he wasn’t eating so he had low blood sugar. This resulted in my baby hooked up to all sorts of machines, feeding and oxygen tubes down his nose, and a very confused mama. I had no idea why this was happening but I trusted that God had him.

I say all this to say… I was a bit more paranoid once I took him home. Sure, they told me he was perfect [which he is ;)] but I still worried. It was such a scary situation that I just wanted to be sure my baby was okay while we slept. It took a while for me to fully sleep and not get up all the time to check his chest or nose. He’s always been a great sleeper, so I was really just losing sleep on my own.


When the ladies from Smart Beat reached out to me about trying out their monitor, I was immediately interested and couldn’t wait for it to arrive. The monitor we were already using is great, but it didn’t do anything beyond just showing us what is going on. The Smart Beat monitor features breath detection — listen, I was sold just from hearing that. I often worried about Micah not being monitored anymore once I took him home and when he started sleeping on his stomach [before his doctor told me that was okay], I was basically not sleeping anymore. This monitor is literally a life saver! I started testing it out when he’d take his naps and one piece of advice — do not use the monitor while you have a mobile turned on in the crib. The directions definitely say that, but of course I skipped that part lol.


Because we were moving shortly after I received the Smart Beat monitor, I didn’t put it up on the wall. However, I recommend putting it up for a better view. The camera is accompanied by an awesome app that actually works super well. It’s been about a month and we haven’t experienced any glitches yet. The app shows a very clear picture and you can move/adjust it by pressing the controls on the screen. Once it’s perfectly focused on your baby, you can start monitoring their breathing and that’s it! Peace of mind and most importantly… rest. I noticed that I have been sleeping much better knowing I will get an alert should anything go wrong and I have more energy during the day to chase him around the house.

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