Micah’s seven-month update!

This weekend has been one of celebration! Our handsome man turned seven months and we made it to two years of marriage. All I can say is that God is amazing. Last year we announced our pregnancy on our one year anniversary and my caption said we’d be celebrating with a little person the next year. When that popped up in my Facebook memories, I couldn’t help but smile. These last seven months have been nothing short of incredible and I’m so thankful for my baby boy.

Let me point out that these monthly pictures are getting harder and harder to take. I really wish I did them on the floor instead of on my chair because now he wants to literally dive off of the chair and just… leave. He clearly has places to go. In other news, we have two teeth coming in! So far it hasn’t been terrible [thank GOD], so I’m praying for comfort because I can’t imagine how sucky it must be to get teeth since it’s been a while for me lol.


My baby LOVES good music. Emphasis on “good”. A couple of months ago, I was nursing him while watching tv and the Amazon Music commercial with Whitney’s I Wanna Dance With Somebody came on and he stopped drinking and stared at the TV until it went off. Ever since then, if that commercial comes on he HAS to stop and stare until it goes off. This happens with quite a few other commercials featuring good music. I think it’s hilarious that if the same Amazon commercials come on but with Katy Perry or Taylor Swift, he won’t even look in the TV’s direction. I get it.

We started learning the ABCs and his two favorite videos are India.Arie singing with Elmo and Usher singing with Elmo and his friends. I’m telling you… my baby has great taste in music. These two videos are what we used to get him to sit his little butt in the chair long enough to get the pictures. If he ever has a crying episode for no reason, I can get about 5 minutes and 15 seconds of peace if I play the I Wanna Dance With Somebody music video. He will sit and watch until the very end. We’re both very curious to see where this takes him!

At seven months, Micah:

Weighs: 18lbs 6oz [approx.]

”Stands at”: 25.5 in [approx.]

Wears: some 6 mo & 6-9 mo clothing + size 3 diaper

Loves: since granddaddy taught him how to grab on to things and lift himself up, that’s all he does now — whether it’s someone’s leg or the couch, standing up is his new favorite activity. Sometimes he gives me mini heart attacks because I just don’t know if one of his little tumbles will actually hurt him. I’m going to have a hard time with him growing up and doing boy things.

Hates: being in his car seat… this is a tough one. He gives his mama so much anxiety when it’s time to run errands or drive long distances alone. I’m not sure what clicked in his head, but he went from being okay with it to absolutely hating it.


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