Micah’s six-month update!

Half of a year on this beautiful earth! It truly makes my heart happy to get so many incredible messages from all of you whenever I post him doing just about anything on social media. Although there is so much evil out there, it’s always a nice reminder that good still exists. We’re six months into this life-changing journey and I couldn’t have asked God for a better son — I mean… he’s perfect. I’m loving each different stage and he changes [what seems like] by the minute.

We went through a pretty big change in our family right before he turned six months and I think that he’s adjusting just fine. I love how strong and determined he already is! I will admit I was looking forward to this… he’s already terrorizing Bella and it’s hilarious! Not for her, but we’re having a blast watching him bother her. While I was pregnant, I heard several times that babies will learn things overnight and you won’t see it coming. That is very true!


Out of nowhere, our baby started crawling! I honestly thought he was going to skip crawling and go right to walking because he loves to stand. Once he’s standing, it’s a task to get him to bend his knees and sit his butt down. Between standing [with help, of course] and rolling in all kinds of directions to get to where he shouldn’t be, I didn’t see him crawling anytime soon, if ever. Then last Wednesday, he wanted to get to his daddy’s backpack and crawled all the way there! I was in love! It took him a few seconds to get to that bag and it’s crazy to think it was his first time crawling.

I really think Micah will be one of those people who eat just about anything. Like my husband. I’m not mad at that — I’ve always been a picky person and it’s not fun. He’s very greedy and will stare at your plate hoping to get a taste, no matter what you’re eating. I have such a fun time feeding him different things and watching him do the most disgusted face but still ask for more.

At six months, Micah:

Weighs: 16lbs 15oz

”Stands at”: 25 in

Wears: some 6 mo & 6-9 mo clothing + size 3 diaper

Loves: being on the floor where he can crawl and get anywhere he wants to. Although he still enjoys being held, he will most likely wiggle himself out of our arms to get to the floor. He absolutely loves messing with Bella and I can’t wait to watch their relationship as they both grow older.

Hates: this I am very happy about — Micah hates sitting in a dirty diaper! He cannot stand it. I’m a little scared he’s going to learn how to take them off one day and there will be poop on my floor. When he’s in the car and gets extra fussy, it’s most likely because he pooped and he needs to be cleaned before we get the business lol.


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