Project update: Gerald Law Music

This is probably my favorite on-going project… life wise and design wise ;) JK. Kinda. In all seriousness, I love working with my husband! He is my biggest cheerleader and when it comes to his brand, he trusts me 100%. Now, I don’t say that in a “I trust you, do your thing, no need to show me anything” type of working relationship. He is fully invested and always teaches me more and more about his craft, so that I can do my job better. But, when it comes to what I know, he trusts me completely.

For those who don’t know, my husband is a musician who takes pride in educating others and constantly learning more about music. I’m a talented musician myself *cough cough*, but I let him take the spotlight with this one lol. Ever since we both moved to Orlando and started hanging out, I’ve been to SO many shows and enjoyed seeing him flourish and grow in something he is truly passionate about.

Gerald Law Music.jpg

We first worked together back in 2015 when we were still just friends [well, he loved me already] and from that project I knew I would love creating with him. He is always the first [and sometimes only] person I go to for feedback because he will be brutally honest with me and ask necessary questions about every design element.

Last year, he decided that he wanted a complete rebrand. His previous brand was solely focused on him as a drummer and nothing else. Although he is primarily a drummer, he did not want his many other talents to go to waste. And I’m always down for extra income, so it’s a win-win situation lol. We created his rebrand together, focusing on the idea that he can really do anything with his musical talent — education, sessions, song-writing, and playing other instruments.

Check out the mood board and the final elements:

brand identity.jpg

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