Micah’s five-month update!

My baby is 5 months going on grown! The older he gets, the more independent he wants to be. It’s so cool watching him learn more and pushing that to the limit — on the other hand, I need him to chill out! This kid moves so quickly; one second he’s laying on his activity gym and the next he’s near the DVDs trying to figure out how he’s going to take them down and eat them. Yes, he wants to eat every single thing in sight.

Speaking of eating… he started eating solids! A few days after his 4-month appointment, we started feeding him Earth’s Best Oatmeal Cereal and the first few times were hilarious! His faces were priceless — you’d think I was feeding him trash. After about 4 days of feeding him the cereal, he not only started liking it, he started getting angry in-between me feeding him and getting more cereal from his bowl. All it took was me pretending to eat his food and he was not having it! Btw, his bowl and spoon set is awesome!

micah 5 months

His sleeping continues to improve, so we’re very happy about that. It’s very rare that he wakes up at night and unless we’re out of town, he’s pretty good about going to sleep on time. Just like clockwork, he wakes up around 7:30 a.m., gets his breastmilk on, and falls right back to sleep until about 9:30-10:00 a.m.

He started rolling on his stomach to go to sleep and at first I freaked out! All of the articles I read said this is a no until the baby is about one, and since he is nowhere close to that, I lost a lot of sleep over it. This started right before his 4-month appointment, so I had a chance to ask his doctor about it and she reassured me that as long as he’s the one getting himself on his tummy, it’s all good! That just means he’s more comfortable that way and he can keep himself from suffocating. Mama slept a lot better after hearing that and that is the only way he’ll sleep!

At five months, Micah:

Weighs: 15lbs 2oz

”Stands at”: 24.5 in

Wears: 6 mo clothing + size 2 diaper

Loves: playing with his feet! I was actually looking forward to this and was very happy to witness it happen for the first time. Ever since he found his feet, he has not let go! We got some pretty awesome pictures of him playing with his new friends ;) I notice they keep him busy when mama’s trying to get things done.

Hates: unfortunately, my baby inherited some interesting things from his daddy — like FOMO. As good a sleeper he is, he does not like to go to sleep. He will fight until he has nothing left in him! His daddy is the same way, so I guess it makes sense. I wish I could have the luxury of fighting sleep like these two and knocking out so heavily like these two.

micah 5 months
micah 5 months
micah 5 months

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